MSE Actions

Hi all,

As a catch up from the start of term, Andrea and I have put together a list of on-going topics that we need to manage to ensure that we have an active and successful year.

The first few pages are dedicated to concert opportunities.  Our initiative to drum up some interest out in the ‘marketplace’ has worked spectacularly – we now have a really healthy funnel of music-venue holders wanting to work with us, and I’m chasing down various of them to agree firm dates without overloading the team.

The attached doc also contains a list of our admin actions – Please make a point of checking through all sections of the actions document thoroughly both now and when we release updates, as there’s nothing more frustrating than reviewing actions at a later stage only to find that nothing’s happened as the responsible person didn’t read the actions list 🙂

Key Actions  >>> Key Actions 2013 2014 v6 03 10 13

Thanks, Jem

One Comment on “MSE Actions”

  1. Michael says:

    All, I am still working on finding a new cheaper or free venue, nothing to report yet but actively working on it. Michael

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