MSE Rehearsal – Monday 28th October

Hi all,

Firstly, my thanks to David for holding a productive rehearsal session in my absence – and it was good to get back into the swing of the rehearsal routine after my break.   We had an enjoyable session, running through a few old favourites to keep up to speed, and making some headway on the “easy to play but difficult to play properly” Largo from Dvorak’s New World Symphony.  It takes breath-training to a whole new level !

By popular demand, we will be holding a rehearsal session at Eastcliffe – at the usual down-beat time of 6:45pm.

Kyra won’t in attendance, as she’s cruelly abandoning us in favour of another concert 🙂 *  … but hopefully Jackie and Jas will make their welcome return as they’re back on island, and we should have a pretty full turn-out.

I’m working on a schedule to take us forward for the next few weeks, but for this coming session we’ll take a slightly different tack.

I’d like to try out a few pieces we haven’t played before.   They’re all standard “S-A-T-B” format so it’s pretty obvious who should play what.

As we’re only trying them out at this stage, I’ll put them all onto a special page on the web-site, and send you the link.  We won’t have full midi file support for every tune, but I’ll provide some means of you having a listen to them on-line, even if it’s a YouTube vid.

Please keep your eye out for the next post and print off your parts as needed – As Kyra won’t be around, we can’t rely on a library service this coming week !

Cheers Jem

* = Kyra – don’t worry, I’ll save the final Aladdin piece for your return !


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