MSE Rehearsal Monday 29th October (take #2)

Hi all,

As promised earlier in the week, I’ve posted a set of new tunes (all in SATB format) on to the MSE website in the members’ area,

To access the tunes, you can either go into the Members’ Area as usual and select the icon for “New Material

… or you can click this link >>>  New Material.

Please download the parts for your instrument, for each tune which should include ;

Ode to Joy, Hornpipe Fun, Limehouse Blues and Relax!

Any problems, please let me know soonest !

The last tune in the list is “Welcome to New Orleans” – I’ve yet to check that our transcription accurately reflects the score, and then I’ll issue parts.

Given the short timescales before Monday, it’s probably not feasible to give the tunes a run through, but please do have a listen / watch of the MP3 / Youtube videos which will give you an idea of what we’re aiming for.

See you Monday usual time.

Cheers Jem


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