Repertoire Choices / Rehearsal Details

Hi all,

Last night’s rehearsal revealed a number of interesting facts.   7pm is quite late for Matt, Ben suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder exacerbated by telephonic hyper-activity, …. and the band is definitely on form !

Last Monday’s rehearsal went well, but last night’s session was truly impressive … and that’s based on playing newly-introduced tunes.

As a result, I seem to have regained some of my Mojo that’s been rather elusive recently, and I’m really looking forward to us getting out and about to play in public.  I’m also bound to say “Look what we could achieve if we did some off line practice too” 🙂

Based on last night’s team chat about repertoire choices, I’ve re-cut our tunes list.  Please let me know if I’ve made any mistakes in noting down the tunes you said you wanted to include / discard etc.

The current list gives us marginally more than an hour of solid music, which is about right, given that for our upcoming concerts we’ll down-select say 45 minutes worth of playing time from this selection.

To view the new list click the link >>>> 2014 year – Repertoire and Concert Timings v6

Don’t forget to print off “Welcome to New Orleans” on the New Materials page ….

… Oh, and please can you let me know what part you played previously in “Little Brown Jug” – ta.

See you next Monday, Jem



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