Christmas Tunes – First Steps

Hi all,

Please see the list below, which is our current ‘palette’ of Christmas Tunes, in readiness for the busking season.

Click the Link >>> Part Allocations Christmas 2013

As you can see from the attachment, we have 4 Carol Collections that cover most of the common Christmas Carols … they’re easy, but they can start to get a bit boring after you’ve played them many times over.

So – the rest of the list covers a wider selection of festive tunes with some added interest.

Given that we have less playing members than in previous years, we need to make sure that we focus on tunes that we can play well, and make sure that we don’t get caught out trying to play tunes that we don’t have parts coverage for.

This year therefore, I’ve categorised our tunes in terms of part complexity.

Aside from the Carol Collections, we have 2 quartet pieces, and 5 quintets, all of which we should be able to manage ok even if we lost say one person from the team.

We also have a dozen sextets – which make more demands on the individuals and require both Tenors to be around.

To make up a reasonable batch of tunes for our upcoming busking, I’d suggest we take the Carols, and the seven quartets/quintets … then add a smattering of other tunes to provide some variety without overloading everyone in terms of learning etc.

I’ve already promised Andrea that we’ll feature ‘Saviour’s Day’, but you should feel free to nominate others that you would like to include in this year’s play list.

We’ll have a quick catch up on Monday the I’ll select the final set for rehearsals on the 11th / 18th November.

Cheers all, Jem

p.s. – Note the inclusion of a new tune (Mistletoe and Wine) … just for Andrea !




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