Planning for the New Year

Hi all,

Recognising that none of us like long / formal committee-style meetings, but realising that we nevertheless have to address some important topics, I’d like to set the scene for some essential new-year planning.

I don’t want this to interfere with our rehearsal schedule in the run up to Christmas, so I’m hoping that we can shortcut some of the formalities.

The most important topic we have to address is that of balancing the books.  We have a need to make sure our income matches or exceeds our outgoings, and that we build our float back up to a healthy level.  Having put some detailed thought into this, I’ve outlined a set of proposals in the attached document.  Click to view it here … >>> MSE – Addressing our Financial Challenges

To summarise the contents very briefly, the plan relies on a host of small cost-saving measures (which are largely down to me), plus an increase in revenues through concerts and raising subs from £20/term to £25/term.

Please take the time to read through the document carefully, and we’ll have a brief talk about the plans in a couple of weeks.  In the meanwhile, please feel free to share you thoughts with me / the team.

In terms of running the band’s affairs generally, we need to get our treasurer arrangements working more smoothly (I’m working on this with Matt, but we may need to make some changes to our bank setup), and we need to review and put some further actions together around our concert activities looking into 2014.

I’ll therefore arrange an evening meeting for the central team early in the new year.

Cheers Jem


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