Christmas Stuff – take #2

Hi all,

Thanks for a fun session last night – we covered a lot of ground, and we’re clearly able to pick up quickly on material we’ve run through in previous years.

That said, I was maybe being a little ambitious trying to put an entire Christmas repertoire together in two weeks, so I’ve spread things out over three weeks now – to include the 2nd of December.

Note – I’ve not changed anyone’s part allocations, nor have I amended the tunes list – merely given us a more realistic workload next week and the week after it.

Please click on the link  >>>  Part Allocations Christmas 2013 v2   <<< for details of which tunes we’ll run through each week.

As a reminder, our Christmas busking slots are …

Sat 30.11.13 (11am-1pm) Regent St   …  Sat 7.12.13 (2pm-4pm) Regent St   …  Sun 15.12.13 (11am-1pm) Howard St

See you all on Monday !

p.s. – ’twas nice to see Tracey back in the mix !

p.p.s. – The full set of parts, midis etc. for ‘Friend Like Me’ is available on the ‘New Material’ page in the website members area.


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