Christmas Busking – First Outing

Hi all,

Some quick feedback from our first outing ….

We played for a full 2 hours, put across a confident showing which was very well received …. and we made £225 for campaign funds !

I think this is actually a record for a single outing, so well done to everyone involved.

We have two Busking sessions remaining … Saturday December 7th starting at 2pm, and Sunday December 15th starting at 11am.

Christmas busking is by far our biggest source of income annually, so please make every effort to support the remaining two events.  The more players we have turn up, the more we land in our buckets (provided we play nicely !) – and as you know we’re trying to put our finances back in order.

Also, to save me from last minute stress-attacks, please let me know well in advance if you are unable to make either of the remaining sessions.

So far, I know that Matt won’t be around for the 7th Dec., and Jackie will miss the 15th.  If that remains the case, we should have 10 players for both sessions, and I’ll plan accordingly.

Lastly, I’d like to add a few old favourites in the mix, which we can play through once and then include in our Christmas fare.

If you have parts for the following tunes, can you please bring them along to rehearsal this week.  I’ll bring some spares for those who haven’t played them before, and we’ll do allocations on the fly.  Thanks, Jem

All Through the Night

Suo Gan

Si Hei Lwli Mabi

Click on the links above to be taken to the relevant website page.





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