MSE Busking – 7th December – Take #2

Hi all,

Firstly, thanks to everyone for a really good turnout, and some lovely Christmas music.

All of the comments I heard were really positive, and it seems that we’re picking up our own little following in town !

… not to mention that Andrea was approached by a tall dark handsome stranger from Manx Radio who was most complimentary about our playing, and asked if we could get some / all of the group together to play for them.  I’m all for it, as it would be great for publicity … and in any event it’s a real endorsement of the musical menu we’ve put together.  We’ll hopefully hear more when they contact us.

Our busking session today raised a little over £182.  Not far short of our record of last week @ £225 (and that’s because last week featured Black Friday sales, and it was just after payday 🙂  Putting the two sessions together, we’ve earned a little over £400 so far.

So … £600 for our three busking slots isn’t out of reach … and that would make for a really good seasons busking !

Our final session is on Sunday 15th December at 11am meeting at Dealz as usual.  Pauline’s promised to bring hot choccie, and Sam will take photos, and maybe even take a little video of us playing.

See you on Monday for a not-so-normal but non-Christmas rehearsal session !

Cheers Jem





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