A little homework ….


As you already know, as a move to help keep our costs down, I purchased a suite of low-cost S-A-T-B sheet music arrangements earlier this year.  There’s some great promise in amongst these titles, but they to be ‘keyed-in’ to our notation program, Finale – so that we can provide everyone with nice neat copies, make corrections where necessary, transpose parts, make amendments etc. … as well as produce MIDI and MP3 files for you to listen to and to help with practising at home.

… and this is where you come in …  Thanks to everyone for ‘volunteering’, or at least not rising up in mutiny at the thought !

The Task

Whether you’re on the committee or not, I’m asking each and every member of the group to transcribe just one piece of music, from a list which I’ll provide soon.

If you get in quick, you get to choose the piece – if not, I’ll allocate you one from the stack 🙂

This isn’t a huge amount of work – it’ll probably take around 2 or 3 hours to complete even accounting for a learning curve. … and I’ll check over everyone’s work to correct any minor errors.

I’ll send out the basic materials over the Christmas break, and you’ll have the whole of the spring term to complete your piece.  That way you can fit it into to your quiet time as and when.

As a result, we’ll have 10 new arrangements ready for the summer term – plenty to keep us busy, and without overloading Jackie and myself – who usually do all of this work.

The good news

– You don’t need to buy anything.  The software we’ll use is free of charge

– You don’t need any special training, as you already know the basics (how to read music)

– I’ll give everyone a basic intro when we start back in the new year, and then support you individually as needed

– I’ll do all of the technical stuff, setting up a ‘template’ file for each piece

Not only will this initiative greatly help to move the group forward and show a level of involvement from the team, I’m also convinced most will learn some useful stuff from the exercise, and who knows – you may even enjoy it.

More news tomorrow, including the software link and some basic instructions.

Cheers Jem


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