MSE Busking, the Round-up / Christmas Meal @ Masala

Hi Everyone,

Firstly, a quick tally-up on our busking season reveals that we made ~£608 over our three sessions (£201.07 today) with our session cut 20 mins short, and taking a hot-choccie break !

Putting that in perspective, that’s £3 more than we made last year, when we performed in four outings.  This is partly due to choosing some good dates and having the weather on our side … but I believe it’s also down to the band’s solid sound.  With only a few weeks preparation, and with some folks having to learn the entire Christmas catalogue in one go, I think we’ve really got cause to be proud of our musical quality – and we attracted more than a few favourable comments / applause / even cheering along the way.

So … a big well done to all concerned !

Whilst I’m on the blog, this is perhaps a good time to remind you all that the MSE’s Christmas meal out is at Broadway Masala on Sherwood Terrace, Douglas.  … That’s opposite the main car park entrance to the Villa Marina.   Grub’s booked for 7pm, so please arrive in time to get settled in and grab a drink.

Cheers Jem



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