Rehearsal Monday 3rd Feb 2014

Hi all,

Please see below, the tunes we’ll focus on for Monday.

I’ll also aim to bring parts for the two Manx Passion tunes, “Wade in the Water” and “Hit the Road Jack”.

Cheers Jem


The   Aladdin Suite
Arabian Nights
A Whole New World
Friend Like Me


Amazing Grace (Songs of the   British Isles)
Londonderry Air (Songs of   the British Isles)

Music Transcriptions

Hi all,

Given that last week we didn’t hold a rehearsal session, and instead agreed to dedicate some time to progressing our transcription work, I had expected to hear from some of you with regard to your progress.

Whilst Jackie and Susie have completed their work, I haven’t had any further feedback.

Rather than have a potentially embarrassing heads-up on Monday, can I please ask that you let me know by email over the weekend, how you’re getting on … including sending me a copy of your work-in-progress.

My email address ->

I’m of course on hand to help out if you’re having difficulties of any sort.

Cheers Jem

MSE Rehearsal – 27th Jan

Hi all,

As promised, here’s the rehearsal playlist for this coming Monday ….

Important Note : Whilst we’ll aim to stick to the playlist, in the interests of flexibility, can you please make sure that you bring along all of the current repertoire – unless I haven’t completed them yet obviously  🙂

Groovy Kind of Love

Up on the Roof


St. Louis Blues


Fever (in the break)

… possible new tune with backing … If it’s ready, I’ll bring the sheet music along !

Monday 20th Jan

Hi all,

Just a reminder that there will be no MSE rehearsal this week (20th Jan) as both Ben and I are in the U.K.

I’d really appreciate it if you would dedicate a couple of hours towards your transcription efforts (or make a start if you haven’t already !!).

… and I’m working on a fun piece which features bass and percussion backing as a tester for a new style of performance later in the year.

Oh, and we already have two pieces fully transcribed – “I will follow him” from Sister Act (by Jackie) and “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” with wonderful Andrews-Sister style harmonies from Susie.

Let me know if you get stuck … and remember – triplets are easy – just enter your first note then hit ‘9’ on the numeric pad and the triplet is formed for you.

See you on the 27th !  I’ll send out confirmation of the tunes we’ll focus on, mid next week.

Cheers Jem

MSE Rehearsal Monday 13th Jan / Start to the New Year

Hi all,

Firstly, thanks to all for an intensive but highly rewarding first rehearsal session, which went from dusting off our saxes, to a deep exploration of just a few tunes, in some depth.  The results showed that by taking nothing for granted and looking at specific details, we can make dramatic improvements to our sound.  Although Monday’s session was a little heavy even for me :), I’ll tailor the experience in future sessions to try to drive some real improvements in our musical touch as we go through this term, whilst keeping the fun element of playing tunes through without too many stops.

I’ll publish the ‘musical flow’ doc, that I used on Monday and which shows who leads and when, and I’ll update it as we go to include more tunes, so please feel free to consult it where you are unsure of your lead / accompaniment status.  You should also make use of the scores that are posted on the website, as these show pretty clearly where the flow goes.

This coming Monday, we’ll aim to run with the following tunes ….

St. Louis Blues, Welcome to New Orleans, Fascinating Rhythm, Little Brown Jug and Relax !

… or as many of these as we get time for 🙂

Lastly, the committee met last night for the first time this year.

We’ll publish the minutes soon, but as a head’s up, we’re now looking further ahead and with more genuine enthusiasm than I’ve seen in a long time.  We’ve got a realistic stack of concert opportunities in hand, and some of the suggestions made for performance opportunities were genuinely innovative.

You can look forward to some interesting and exciting challenges throughout 2014 !

Cheers Jem

Subs due tomorrow !

Hi all,

Quick reminder – MSE termly subs (£25 each) are due tomorrow, paid to Matt.

Cheers Jem

Website stuff – take #2

Hi all,

In a fit of feverish activity, I’ve concluded my website amendments for now, by revising the Gallery area.

The old stuff from 2010 has been dropped in favour of 4 photo galleries covering …

– Busking 2013 (with some audio from our carolling session)

– The Alistair Parnell workshop April 2013

– Trinity Church Nov 2012

– Peel Cathedral June 2012

Click the link to view …. Photo Gallery 2013

Finally, a link that’s more fun than education, I thought you might like to see …

Musical Notation as described by cats !

See you Monday

Cheers Jem