The MSE, movinig into 2014

Hi all,

Happy New Year !   I hope you all had a fun, relaxing break.

2014 is set to be an exciting year, with new concerts and events to arrange and a new and different take on the way we rehearse (more details later !).

As promised, I’ve re-worked the MSE website Member’s Area over the Christmas break.  The old (and much too large) music library is no longer, and has been replaced by a single page which holds all of the material in our current repertoire.

We’ll add one or two tunes to this as we progress through the term, but we’ll retain this new single page format.  The Member’s area is now much simpler in appearance too, featuring just the repertoire, parts allocation, and committee docs.

Please take a few minutes to check our the new Member’s Area <<< Click this link   To familiarise yourself with the format, and let me have your feedback.

For our first rehearsal of the year on Monday 6th Jan, we’ll run with the tunes we played before our busking season …

Arabian Nights, Londonderry Air, St. James Infirmary Blues, Limehouse Blues.

… but we’ll take a different approach to how we tackle them, that I hope will produce dramatic results !

We’ve a lot to cover in this next term, and for reasons I’ll explain later we don’t have too many weeks available.  I therefore need you to prepare fully for our rehearsal sessions, and add your active support to the mix, for us to be successful.

Can you please therefore make a point of having your sheet music well organised and to hand for the first session, so that we can make the most of our rehearsal time.

… and it won’t hurt to have a quick run through the pieces, if only to re-acquaint yourself with your sax 🙂

Cheers Jem


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