Website stuff – take #2

Hi all,

In a fit of feverish activity, I’ve concluded my website amendments for now, by revising the Gallery area.

The old stuff from 2010 has been dropped in favour of 4 photo galleries covering …

– Busking 2013 (with some audio from our carolling session)

– The Alistair Parnell workshop April 2013

– Trinity Church Nov 2012

– Peel Cathedral June 2012

Click the link to view …. Photo Gallery 2013

Finally, a link that’s more fun than education, I thought you might like to see …

Musical Notation as described by cats !

See you Monday

Cheers Jem


2 Comments on “Website stuff – take #2”

  1. kyralee2 says:

    Hiya Jem,

    Sorry but I cant get to the rehearsal tomorrow, Kyra.

    Sent from Windows Mail

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