MSE Rehearsal Monday 13th Jan / Start to the New Year

Hi all,

Firstly, thanks to all for an intensive but highly rewarding first rehearsal session, which went from dusting off our saxes, to a deep exploration of just a few tunes, in some depth.  The results showed that by taking nothing for granted and looking at specific details, we can make dramatic improvements to our sound.  Although Monday’s session was a little heavy even for me :), I’ll tailor the experience in future sessions to try to drive some real improvements in our musical touch as we go through this term, whilst keeping the fun element of playing tunes through without too many stops.

I’ll publish the ‘musical flow’ doc, that I used on Monday and which shows who leads and when, and I’ll update it as we go to include more tunes, so please feel free to consult it where you are unsure of your lead / accompaniment status.  You should also make use of the scores that are posted on the website, as these show pretty clearly where the flow goes.

This coming Monday, we’ll aim to run with the following tunes ….

St. Louis Blues, Welcome to New Orleans, Fascinating Rhythm, Little Brown Jug and Relax !

… or as many of these as we get time for 🙂

Lastly, the committee met last night for the first time this year.

We’ll publish the minutes soon, but as a head’s up, we’re now looking further ahead and with more genuine enthusiasm than I’ve seen in a long time.  We’ve got a realistic stack of concert opportunities in hand, and some of the suggestions made for performance opportunities were genuinely innovative.

You can look forward to some interesting and exciting challenges throughout 2014 !

Cheers Jem


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