New Releases and rehearsal update (Feb 3 2014)

Firstly, I’ve completed the two Manx Passion tunes (Hit the Road Jack and Wade in the Water).  I’ll bring the parts for these tonight, and we’ll give them a first run through.   The usual scores, parts, Midi files etc. plus part allocations are already on the website in the Current Repertoire area.

Next up, please find attached, a link to an A4 poster, aimed at attracting new players or two to the team (not many).

We need these to be put up in as many towns as possible.  Generally supermarkets, post offices, newsagents and some shops will happily put them up for you free of charge – you’ve just got to ask.  I’ll take care of Peel, but the only way we can sensibly get to other areas island-wide is if you print copies and place them on behalf of the band.  Please do your bit.

MSE Player advert  >>>

Lastly, I want to make sure we don’t lose impetus on our transcriptions work.  This is a commitment that we all agreed to take on, but so far progress has been variable to say the least.

I’d like to put a stake in the ground, so this doesn’t become a forgotten task.  Can everyone who has not yet provided me with a file, please do so before Monday 24th Feb.  That’s 3 weeks away, so plenty of time to finish off your masterpiece.

Many thanks, Jem

Tune Who Status
Duke’s Suite Ben Part-Complete
Cool Saints Michael No   progress info
Just another lazy day David Complete   – to be checked
Comedy for Saxophones Matt Part-Complete
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Susie Complete   – to be checked
Ja Da Kyra No   progress info
Home on the Range Andrea No   progress info – working   with Susie
Pasodoble Demento Jas No   progress info
I will Follow Him Jackie Complete   – to be checked

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