MSE Rehearsal – Monday 10th Feb 2014

Hi all,

Here are the tunes I want to concentrate on, for the coming rehearsal on Monday ….

Limehouse Blues,  A Whole New World,  Wade in the Water

… plus Hit the Road Jack,  Welcome to New Orleans,  St. Louis Blues.

Note : I have recently revised the first three of these tunes, and I’ll put the new versions on the repertoire page tomorrow (Friday).

Please make sure you print off new parts accordingly, or we’ll be our of step !

Re the upcoming Peel Pensioners concert, I’m growing a little concerned that we’re only about 6 weeks away from the event, and we’re not where we should be in terms of preparation.  The main reason is that for various reasons, we haven’t had a consistent quorum together since the beginning of term.

To help us focus on the task at hand, I have created a concert playlist based on our current repertoire,

Click the link to view the >>>> Concert playlist

…. and to ensure you support the team effort, can I please ask you to …

– Make every effort to attend all rehearsals leading up to the next concert (Wednesday March 26th).

– Have your parts printed / ready for every tune on the concert playlist (spares would be great to help out if we are short on players on any given week).

– Practice at home, any areas where you feel you have difficulty – fast passages, tricky phrases etc.

We’ll then have all the basics in place to refine our delivery and run a successful concert.

Cheers Jem


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