Rehearsal 27th Jan 2014 and preparation for Peel Pensioners Concert

Hi all,

I’m growing a little concerned about the Peel Pensioners concert date (26 March), given that we now have only four rehearsal sessions prior to the gig.  I don’t want to have to cut tunes or introduce workarounds, but this depends on how the next few rehearsals go.  … and the quality of our playing is now directly linked to the time you put into off-line practice at home.

In particular, we need to get “A Whole New World” right this week.  I’ve re-written the tenor section to feature two parts, and have asked Matt and David to make sure they’re confident with it for Monday.  It would really help if all could do the same on your parts so that we can count this as a tick-in-the-box.

The rehearsal list for this coming Monday is ….

I Got Rhythm

A Whole New World

Up on the Roof / Wonderful World

St. James Infirmary Blues

St. Louis Blues

Little Brown Jug

Groovy Kind of Love

Please note : A key decision we have to make on Monday is whether we should run a rehearsal on March 3rd given that I won’t be around as I am working in France for the week.

Cheers Jem


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