Peel Pensioners Concert – The Run-up

Hi all,

As you know, I’m working away this coming week, and will be arriving back over the weekend.

With this in mind, I thought I’d let you know ahead of time, plans for the next few weeks.

The table below shows the tunes we’ll focus on for the next 3 weeks – we’ll only have one further week for practice, so please make sure you’re confident about notes / fingering for these rehearsals, so we can focus on the niceties such as balancing the band and expression.

On the 17th, we’ll be joined for the first time by our guest bassist, Chris Thomas (playing an acoustic double-bass).  He’ll join us for Hit the Road Jack and Wade in the Water – both as preparation for the Manx. Passion Plays in mid April.

3rd   March 10th March 17th March
Arabian Nights A Whole New World Hit the Road Jack
Friend Like Me Friend Like Me Wade in the Water
Londonderry   Air St. Louis Blues Arabian Nights
St. James   Infirmary Amazing Grace Londonderry Air
Summertime Limehouse Blues Summertime

I’ve penned a new revision of Hit the Road Jack – which I’ll put on the website soon.  No need to panic – it only contains a few note changes here and there to fit in with bass runs etc., so no biggie.

I’ll also provide a new version of Little Brown Jug so that Kyra and I can split the solo – no other changes in this version.

Lastly, I’ve re-cut the concert playlist for the Peel Pensioners do.  It turns out that we had a little too much material, so I’ve dropped “Up on the Roof” for this performance.  Please check our the part allocations page and the Concert Playlist for details.

See you on the 10th !

Cheers Jem


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