Peel Concert Preparation Urgent

Hi all,

I’ll admit that I was pretty worried by last night’s rehearsal.  I genuinely lost sleep thinking through ways to get us back into shape in the next couple of weeks.

The two absences last night were unavoidable, but it showed that as a team, we’re overly-reliant on one or two key players.

In this instance, with Kyra taken out of the mix, we simply weren’t able to play some of the tunes confidently / straight through.

We can work on our resilience after the concert, but right now we need to ensure that we’ve got a safe repertoire for the 26th March.

We’ve got just tow rehearsals left until the Peel gig, and we need urgently to restore our confidence before then.

With this in mind, I’d like to run the next couple of rehearsals (Mon 17th and possibly 24th) in a slightly extended format.

I’m not suggesting that we keep playing until we drop to our knees, but we do need to run through most if not all the tunes with a full team on board to make sure that we’re able to provide a good musical offering to the Peel Pensioners crowd.  I’d therefore suggest that ;

– We start at the normal time (but please, everyone turn up in time to start playing at 6:45pm),

– We have a limited mid-session break

– And we run to say max. 9:30pm

I’ve already offered to give Kyra a lift home, and I think everyone else has their own transport.

If anyone can’t work to this format over the next couple of sessions, then please let me know today.

My email is  Just click on the link to email me.




One Comment on “Peel Concert Preparation Urgent”

  1. kyralee2 says:

    Hiya, That is fine sorry about yesterday. Whatever is needed. Thank you for offering the lift aswell. I will probably need it but as long as you are fine with that I can go to each no problem.


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