Peel Pensioners Concert – Philip Christian Centre, Peel – 7:30pm kick off

Hi all.

First, some house-keeping stuff.  Can you please make sure you’re parked up and in the venue by 7pm (parking can be tricky !), to allow us to set up without doing so in front of the audience (who tend to arrive quite early 🙂 ).

We’ll be wearing …  Black Lowers / Footwear.   Gents, White shirt plus an MSE waistcoat if you have one.  Ladies, blue MSE shirt if you have one – if not, a white shirt is probably best.  I’ll bring stands along.

Based on recent rehearsals, we’ve shown that we’re capable of making some really good music, but also some less-attractive sounds when we’re off our game / not concentrating.

I want us to produce the best ensemble sound possible on the night, so please ….

– Read through the notes below, and mark up your sheet music where needed to make sure you know where to play quietly, and where not.

– If in doubt, you’re generally playing too loud !   I’d rather have you playing too quietly then too loud, unless you’re leading the tune.

– When you play, remember to constantly listen across the band to ensure that you’re in tune – and don’t blow so loud that your tuning suffers.

Good luck for tomorrow – the Peel Pensioners venue is informal and fun, so lets go and enjoy ourselves.

Cheers Jem

Tune Comments
I Got Rhythm Have fun, and use this to settle ourselves in / check tuning
Arabian Nights
A Whole New World Sections C&D – Jem, Kyra, Andrea are the only Altos playing
Friend Like Me
St. James Infirmary Blues Confident intro – Sections B & F should be very quiet and restrained
St. Louis Blues Omitting bars 127 – 138, starting again at 139 !
Limehouse Blues Maintain the pace, but don’t speed up to much in the funky sections from bar 76 onwards. Also, make sure you can handle the repeats confidently.
Londonderry Air Concentrate on balancing solo / accompaniments.   Overall, this is a very quiet piece, unless you have a genuine solo !
Amazing Grace Needs gentle but confident placing in the accompaniment / rhythmic parts to allow the tune to come out.
Little Brown Jug Starts off very quiet, then builds gradually.
Groovy Kind of Love A ballad – portrayed nice and gently
Summertime Don’t play this too slowly.
Hit the Road Jack
Wade in the Water
Manx National Anthem Version in Concert F – Jem to bring parts along
Happy Birthday Just in case !

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