MSE recording at King Bills / Castle Rushen setup

Hi all,

Just a quick note to let you know how well you did last night. I think that setting up early and getting settled in helped (including ad-hoc playing of a couple of extra numbers whilst waiting for Mr. recorder to set up)…

… but the tenor singer who sat in on our recording went out to the waiting choir and said “that was deeply impressive … these guys just nailed both tunes flawlessly in a single take”.

If we do that in performance, I’m sure we’ll get a similar reaction from the audience.

For Sunday at Castle Rushen (Performance starts at 2pm), we have some space set aside for instrument cases at reception – or even possibly a room for storage.  I’ll push for the room, as it’ll give us somewhere to tune up in peace.

Can a few of the more energetic folk please get to the venue a little ahead of time (1:15pm) so that we can set up our Gazebo to give us some shelter.  … If you haven’t seen our Gazebo, it’s a spectacular (if a little gaudy) addition to our line-up.  It only takes a minute to put up but needs six people – one per leg.   We’ll see on the day whether we need the side walls adding in.

Cheers Jem



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