Ballasalla School Mini-Concert – Wed 7th May

Hi all,

As you’ll probably know, we’ve agreed to run a concert with Ballasalla School in May, and they’ve given us Wed the 7th.

It’s our last concert before our showing in Patrick in July, and I don’t want to let them down.

I have some alarm bells ringing on this one, as I’m away on Mon 28th April (working in France) and the next Monday (5th May) is a bank holiday.

That ostensibly leaves us with just the 21st to have a rehearsal – then two weeks without a rehearsal before the concert night.  Not ideal !

I therefore urgently need to get your feedback on …

1) The date itself – Are you ok for the evening of Wednesday 7th May in Ballasalla ?

2) Are you able to make a rehearsal on Monday May 5th, even though it’s a holiday ?

Cheers Jem


One Comment on “Ballasalla School Mini-Concert – Wed 7th May”

  1. James Family says:

    Hi Jem, The Wednesday might be tricky depending on timing. I dont finish work till 6. May 5th is my birthday, and have planned a night out. I could rearrange that if necessary David

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