Manx Passion Plays – 6:30pm – Monday 14th, Mooragh Park, Ramsey

Hi all,

Firstly, thanks for your efforts yesterday – It was the time I’ve ever played standing on a narrow grass bank !  Our stuff was very well received, and apparently we could be heard clearly by the audience, so the location was pretty good for us too.  Apart from some very minor timing issues in “Hit the road jack”, it was a perfect performance, so a good job all round.

At Mooragh Park tonight, we’re playing in the bandstand by the café, so we’re under cover.

I’ve checked the weather reports, and all looks fine so far – but bearing in mind that we’re wandering into evening territory and it tends to get nippy (see below **), let’s wear black lowers and tops.  I’ll personally be sporting a black fleece so that I can keep a steady hand.

If you can, please make sure you’re at the bandstand, set up and ready to tune at 6:15pm latest, because we can’t tune up once the performance is under way.

Looking forward to it …..

Cheers Jem


** – Yesterday’s full performance of all three acts turned out to be a bit of a stamina / survival trial.  It ran on until just after 7pm, a total of 5+ hours !  By that time, the sun had disappeared, the wind picked up, and I thought we were in danger of losing the half-naked Christ on the Cross for real !  Certainly the St. John’s ambulance guys were on red alert, and indeed a couple of members of the choir had to quit temporarily to recover sense ‘n feeling.


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