Once more unto the breach ….. (King Bill’s Castletown)

Hi all,

The last glorious outing for our two Manx Passion tunes is tomorrow (Weds), at King William’s College  – play starts 6:30pm.

Our playing so far has been really good, and very well received, so no need for any more from me – I’ll just start counting and no doubt someone will start playing !

I’ve checked the BBC weather service – it looks like we’re in for light cloud and 10 degrees temp, but with 23/24 mph winds and straight off the sea!   In other words, a goodly supply of stout pegs, twigs, bungey cords or whatever is definitely called for.   … not to mention black woolly clothing, or if you prefer to be bloody freezing, sartorial elegance as exhibited by Michael and Chris.

Also – I’ll take the Gazebo down there just in case it looks like rain !

As last night, can you please be assembled and ready to tune at 6:15pm  – our first scene will be on the bank near to the chapel.   … and then we’ll move to play ‘Wade in’ inside the quad (which is only round the corner).

Finally, if anyone’s interested / around, the cast (that includes you) have been invited to an end-show celebratory tea / cakes at the Empress on Friday starting at 8:45pm.  I’ll be there, if for no other reason that I’ll be playing shortly beforehand at St. Anthony’s in Douglas.

Ballasalla – Important

Keep a weather eye out for rehearsal news.  Given that so many are off island on the 21st, I may choose to skip the rehearsal slot so that we can all take a much-needed break.  However, I’m in France on the 28th, so we’ll miss that rehearsal too and that puts a lot of pressure on the final rehearsal on the 5th – with our slot at Ballasalla slated for Wednesday 7th.

Let’s grab 10 minutes tomorrow before we rush off, to agree the details.

I’ll confirm details with the school, but I’m planning for us to do really easy stuff (including the 2 Manx Passion tunes), so we can put it all together rather at the last minute 🙂

Cheers Jem



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