Important – Ballasalla Concert Cancelled – No rehearsal on Mon 5th May !

Hi all,

It’s a long story involving huge misunderstandings and miscommunication, but the short version is that we will not be playing at Ballasalla on the 7th May as planned.

Our matching Rehearsal on the 5th was an exception (we don’t usually practice on Bank Holidays) and some folk couldn’t make it anyway, so the Rehearsal on 5th May is also cancelled.

We will resume our rehearsals on May 12th – and we’ll focus on our big summer concert at Patrick Church.

I’m sorry that we’ve had an on/off track record recently (and this will continue to a lesser extent over the next couple of months).  We’ll just have to make our rehearsals count by concentrating on making best use of the time.


Can you please all let me know that you received this email, so I don’t have to ring around to stop people turning up on the 5th – ta, Jem




2 Comments on “Important – Ballasalla Concert Cancelled – No rehearsal on Mon 5th May !”

  1. James Family says:

    Hi Jem, received e mail. would have turned up on Wednesday, so thank you David

  2. kyralee2 says:

    Hiya, Ive got the email and that means I won’t be seeing you until after TT. Thank you for the lifts and everything see you after TT. Kyra.

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