Rehearsal / Catch-up Monday 12th May

Hi all,

Firstly, Monday’s rehearsal marks the start of the new term.  Please don’t forget to bring along your subs. payment (£25) and hand it to Matt.

As we’re not meeting tonight, the AGM is postponed until the 12th May.

With Kyra now busy studying until after TT, we’ll have to cut our cloth a bit, to suit our playing line-up.  I had hoped to have a generous selection of quartet pieces to choose from, but in reality we only have three new tunes in a fit state to be checked and put on the website.  This puts a serious dent in our ability to move forward in our current format.  Put bluntly, this lack of achievement is unacceptable in terms of team support.  As tonight’s rehearsal has been cancelled, you now have a week until we meet again, so please finish your assigned pieces and send them to me before Monday, to avoid an uncomfortable conversation when we get together !

– In the meanwhile, I’ll take a look at our current / past repertoire to see what we can realistically put together to sound good in Patrick on the 18h July.  I’ll post details soon, of any new pieces / parts to print out.

Cheers Jem


MSE Transcriptions – Progress

Tune Who Status
Duke’s Suite Ben Part-Complete
Cool Saints Michael Part-Complete
Comedy for Saxophones Matt Part-Complete
Jamaica Farewell Andrea Part-Complete
Pasodoble Demento Jas Part-Complete
Ja Da Susie (Kyra) Susie taking on as an extra – Part Complete
Home on the Range Susie (Andrea) Susie taking on as an extra – Part Complete
Just another lazy day David Complete – to be checked
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Susie Complete – to be checked
I will Follow Him Jackie Complete – to be checked



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