Pat on Back !

Hi all,

Just a very quick note to say a big “thanks and well done” to all last night.  It was dynamic, fun, and really tiring.

I brought along some new pieces expecting to bash through maybe 3 or 4, just to let you get the feel / shape of them.

As it turns out, we covered 6 tunes I think, and in enough depth to make them sound fairly solid – indeed we had time to explore some of the intricacies, changes of tempo and section etc.

Overall I was pleasantly surprised at how much we covered, and how well we covered it – parts of ‘Sleep’ gave me goosebumps, the harmonies were that good !

Anyway, it’s a solid validation of the next big plan – to put together say 30 minutes of music that we can play confidently without Kyra while she’s off, but allowing her to fit back in when her studies / exams  quieten down.   I think the somewhat simpler structure of 4 and 5 part arrangements work very well for us in general, and I’m working on one or two more in readiness for the Patrick Concert.

I’ve yet to confirm whether I’m at Eastcliffe or in Paris next week, but as soon as I know I’ll pop you a further note, and I’m sure you’ll support Ben and David in running any sessions which I have to miss through work over the next few weeks.

Catch you soon, Jem


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