Rehearsal Monday 19th May

Hi all,

Just a quick note to let you know that, thanks to some nifty footwork on my side, I’m able to be at the rehearsal on Monday !

I’m off to Paris again though on the Tuesday morning and will be away for the rest of the week.  At the moment it looks like I’ll also be around on the 26th, which is a positive sign.

We’ll look at the material we played last week, plus one or two other pieces, some of which may be new.

So – please keep an eye out for a further post on Sunday, with details of our tunes for Monday evening.
Please download and print parts as needed – ta.

Lastly, we won’t have Susie this week (beering it up in Belgium = jealous), and Andrea is also not with us at the moment, although this is temporary.

This means the line-up for the evening will be …. Jem, Ben, Jas, Michael, David, Matt.  Enough to cover our new material which is generally 4-part, but please would David and Michael take a flexible approach … i.e. David bring Alto / Tenor – Michael bring along your alto and I’ll bring my tenor.

Thanks a mill, Jem



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