Just another Lazy Day – Important bit of prep. needed

Hi all,

When we ran through this tune on Monday, we all had a little difficulty fitting in some of the ‘off beat stab rhythms’ that appear in the accompanying parts in e.g. bars 25-28 – Where Susie as Alto 2 was playing the lead.  It de-stabilises the tune, so we need to put it right.

I had thought of re-writing the music to make the piece easier to play … and then I instead took a detailed look at the score and listened to the midi file alongside it.

In earlier bars (first 3 bars of section A), I play the lead as Alto 1.  The tune at this point is ‘on the beat’ so everyone fitted in their stab notes easy.  The stab notes appear, matching the high note of each phrase in these bars.

In the later version, whilst things look quite complicated when viewed on individual accompaniment parts, actually they’re not.

The accompaniment parts fit as before on the high note of each phrase.  However, as the lead part (A2) is ‘off-beat’ then the stab notes need to move with it.  This can easily be achieved by listening to the tune – and the midi / mp3 versions of the website are the ideal place to get the correct view.

When we get together on Monday, we’ll spend a little time resolving this.

However, you now need to do a little homework first to ensure we’re on the right track.  It shouldn’t take more than say 20 minutes, so please …

If you play Alto 2, make sure that you can place the tune really confidently and in time according to the music, as the accompanists will be reacting to your lead in Section C.

If you play accompaniment (all other parts), then make sure you know where your stab notes fit against the tune as shown by the midi / Mp3s

The minimum is to listen through to the tune with the score on screen – even better is if you can spend a little time afterwards playing through the tune with the midi file as accompaniment.

Thanks – see you on Wednesday 9th at Whitestrand !  Please be on time as we have a packed rehearsal session.

Cheers Jem




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