End of Term Bash / Barbie ! – Monday 21st July

Hi all,

To round off the term, I thought we’d have a fun and relaxed evening at Whitestrand **

I’ve a few new tunes to pass by you and we’ll give them a quick run through.  We’ll play the first hour-ish from 7pm.

There’s nothing too challenging here, and in particular there’s a fun tune to be played with a backing track (I’ve been promising this for ages!).

Once we’re done, we’ll fire up the Barbie and cremate some pork-based products etc.   We’ll supply burgers, sausages and the like, some salad and soft drinks as everyone’s driving.  Susie’s kindly offered to provide a pudding.  If you have any specific tastes (Amazonian sea-bass for instance), feel free to provide some additional bits, but we’ve got the basics covered.

@ Jackie and Andrea – I’ll drop you a separate note, but it would be great if you could make this too, either to join in with the new / trial stuff or just to come and say Hi and have a bite to eat.

So far, everyone who was around at Monday’s rehearsal is coming except for Kyra who is off to Cuba.  I’d offer to save her a burger but it may not be too attractive in a couple of weeks.

@ Matt and Michael, can you please let me know if you’re able to come – thanks.

Cheers Jem

** – Much more relaxed than the last few weeks at any rate 🙂


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