Patrick Concert – Friday 18th July

Hi all,

First off – thanks for your efforts in last night’s rehearsal.  It was quite intense as we played through some tunes that we haven’t been able to play through recently, so there was some re-familiarisation going on 🙂

Each of us knows our own personal weak points in the repertoire, so please make the time to brush up on anything you feel can be improved / made more solid for Friday.  I believe that the key to our running a successful concert lies in our being confident, so that we can enjoy playing rather than be on guard.

That being the case, we agreed to meet up at the church on Friday at 7pm to run through 2 tunes, just to make sure they’re secure ….

-“Summertime” and “I will follow him”

I’ll make sure the church is open and stands set up in readiness.  We can spend 10-15 minutes on the two tunes, then relax a bit before the concert starts at 8pm.

@Matt – Can you please let me know if you can make the brief practice session at 7pm – thanks.

Cheers all – see you on Friday.



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