Patrick Church Concert – The Review

Hi all,

Well – what a turnaround !

A few weeks out from the concert, I was definitely a little worried.  We hadn’t had the chance to get the whole group together as often as I’d wanted on the run up to the night, and I’ll admit I was a trifle anxious as we all seemed a bit lacking in confidence.

On the night however, we definitely scored a home run.  Everyone concentrated marvellously and the results were stunning.   Not only did each piece start and finish confidently, but we put in some really musical and expressive ensemble playing.  A few tunes into the first set, I was relaxed enough to listen in to the sound in general rather than concentrate solely on my part, and what I heard was, in places, the best playing I’ve heard from the group in years !

We were a big hit too with the audience who were all effusive in their comments afterwards – one even asking if we had a CD recorded because he wanted to buy a memento !  Dunders was really impressed with the improvements we’ve made recently, and Ben’s prospective in-laws were well impressed.

The church also looked after us in grand style, and I’ll write today to Graham and the crew to thank them for their efforts in making the night such a success.   We also benefitted from half of the ticket sales as agreed, which means that I was able to pay £100 into our campaign funds.  I’d like to make our visits to Patrick an annual event – and this time of year feels about right.   With a little extra push from both sides to sell tickets in advance , I’m sure we could boost audience attendance a bit which would help all sides.

So, well done all – a great way to finish off the summer term.

On Monday, we’ll meet at 7pm for a quick run through a few selected pieces in advance of next term – but the session will be light, and then we’ll retire to the Barbie for some burnt offerings.

See you at Whitestrand – Jem


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