Autumn term 2014 – A quick peek ahead

Hi all,

Given that we’ve got a slightly extended break coming, I thought I’d set the scene for next term.

Firstly, we return to Whitestrand for rehearsals on Monday 22nd September, ready to play at 7pm.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll post some of the new tunes we played through last Monday (plus possibly some that you haven’t seen yet), to help you get up to speed ready for our first rehearsal !   Over the course of the term, we’ll feature a mixture of new tunes, pieces from our Patrick repertoire, and some golden oldies which I think will suit the band in its current format.

Our next concert was intended to be at Ramsey Methodist Church on 4th October, but the organiser couldn’t reach the choir which was due to join us, so seeing the  warning signs we’ve mutually postponed, allowing us to get together with the choir then set a date which would work for all.

This means that our next concert will actually be at Glen Maye on Friday 21 November.   This gives us 9 weeks to brush up on our repertoire, add a new tune or three, and even put some ‘seasonal fare’ in the mix.

Have a great break, enjoy your hols, and please keep playing your saxes even when we’re not actively rehearsing … it’ll save you from being rusty when we get back !

See you in September (I’m sure there’s a song of that name).



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