MSE – Admin stuff

Hi all,

First off, thanks to all for an excellent rehearsal yesterday.   I really enjoyed it.

Our work on Cool Saints was pretty intensive, but very valuable as it took us quite a way forward which the piece which is one of our more difficult items in terms of rhythms.  Following this, I was then pleasantly surprised at how quickly we picked up the fast passages in ‘The Wombling Song’ and ‘Hornpipe Fun’, and even more amazed at how we completely changed the mood to put in a lyrical rendition of Persiflage – which was sublime in places !

I’ll send out a suggested play-list soon for next week’s rehearsal, but for the moment here are a few admin items ….

Subs – If you haven’t already paid Matt, can you please arrange to get your £20 to him either during the week, or at next week’s rehearsal.

2 Advertising.  I think it’s time to invite one, possibly two, additional players to the group – but no more.   Our more compact format over the past few terms has worked really well in terms of musical clarity – so this is to give us some resilience and also allow us to confidently tackle quintet / sextet arrangements without overly affecting our format.  I’ve attached a flyer, and would like us to post copies in prominent places – supermarkets, post offices, shops etc.  If you can help, please let me know where you can post a copy – you can either print them direct or get copies from me.

The advert file can be found here >>> MSE Player advert

Busking.  Yes, it’s that time of year again.  I’d like to pursue the same strategy as last year – rather than loads of slots, let’s choose a few that are likely to be productive and fun.  I’ll put some suggested dates together and check with Michael to avoid IOMWO clashes.   I have a couple of adventurous ideas for next year, and a good haul over Christmas will probably put them within our reach !

Start time – A start time of 7pm seems to working well.  Please make sure you’re at the barn for about 6:50pm latest so that we’re all ready to start playing at 7.

5 Hornpipe Fun – I’ve asked David to let me know which bars I should check, then I’ll make be in contact again to either confirm the version we should all converge on, or issue a new version for next time.

See you soon, Jem



Autumn Term Repertoire

Hi all,

Answering to ribald enthusiasm from the group, I’ve now included Hornpipe Fun and the Wombling Song in the ‘Current Repertoire’ list.

All the usual details can ben found on the Current Repertoire page – score, parts, midi’s etc.

For next week (29th), we’ll kick off with Cool Saints to see if we can run right the way through it.  We’ll then have a go with Hornpipe Fun, and see how good a job we can make of the Wombling Song Intro.   I’d like to also run through Persiflage and Shmooky and Mo if we have time.

Given that we have relatively few slots to get ready this term, the biggest factor in our success will be the amount of off-line practice we put in.  I’d really appreciate it if you could put in a big effort at the beginning of the term, as this will help us make the right decisions on the final playlist in a few weeks’ time.

Cheers – See you Monday !


Rehearsal Monday 22 September

Hi all,

I’m just back from holiday, and am rapidly re-shaping our repertoire to suit the term ahead.  I found out that Kyra is not going to be with us anymore (she got a job), too late to do anything before my holiday, hence some shuffling now.

In the early part of the term, we’ll focus on 11 tunes that were in our ‘current repertoire’ list.  If you visit the Current Repertoire page, you’ll see these listed, together with parts etc. as usual.

Once we’ve got a view of any planned absences, I can do some final shaping and parts allocation, but it looks like we’ll run with these tunes as a core, adding some ‘seasonal spice’ in November, and poss. one or two tunes I have part-baked at the moment.

Let’s have a chat early this evening, about our approach to the term.  We can manage just fine if we all pull together and employ a bit of flexibility.

See you later, Jem

MSE – Return to the Fray – Monday September 22nd

Hi everyone,

Document to view >>>  Start of Term – Autumn 2014

As announced last term, we’ll be a couple of weeks later than normal, in starting off this term’s fun ‘n games.

Therefore, our first active week back will be on Monday September 22nd, Whitestrand Farm at 7pm. …. and that’s 7pm ready to play please 🙂

I’ve web-posted some of the new tunes to enable you to get a head start if you’re around – see under repertoire choices in the attached doc.

See you soon, Jem