Rehearsal Monday 22 September

Hi all,

I’m just back from holiday, and am rapidly re-shaping our repertoire to suit the term ahead.  I found out that Kyra is not going to be with us anymore (she got a job), too late to do anything before my holiday, hence some shuffling now.

In the early part of the term, we’ll focus on 11 tunes that were in our ‘current repertoire’ list.  If you visit the Current Repertoire page, you’ll see these listed, together with parts etc. as usual.

Once we’ve got a view of any planned absences, I can do some final shaping and parts allocation, but it looks like we’ll run with these tunes as a core, adding some ‘seasonal spice’ in November, and poss. one or two tunes I have part-baked at the moment.

Let’s have a chat early this evening, about our approach to the term.  We can manage just fine if we all pull together and employ a bit of flexibility.

See you later, Jem


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