Autumn Term Repertoire

Hi all,

Answering to ribald enthusiasm from the group, I’ve now included Hornpipe Fun and the Wombling Song in the ‘Current Repertoire’ list.

All the usual details can ben found on the Current Repertoire page – score, parts, midi’s etc.

For next week (29th), we’ll kick off with Cool Saints to see if we can run right the way through it.  We’ll then have a go with Hornpipe Fun, and see how good a job we can make of the Wombling Song Intro.   I’d like to also run through Persiflage and Shmooky and Mo if we have time.

Given that we have relatively few slots to get ready this term, the biggest factor in our success will be the amount of off-line practice we put in.  I’d really appreciate it if you could put in a big effort at the beginning of the term, as this will help us make the right decisions on the final playlist in a few weeks’ time.

Cheers – See you Monday !



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