Rehearsal Monday 6/10/2014

Hi all,

No Matt this week, but otherwise a full rehearsal is planned, and we’ve lots to do !  I’ll stand “in loco debt-collectoris” for anyone who hasn’t yet paid their £20 subs 🙂

I’ve revised a couple of errors in Hornpipe Fun (thanks David for clarifying these), and I’ve posted the new version to the website repertoire page.

I’ve also finished re-working Moondance for our player profile, and again have posted the necessary files to the website.

Note : Both Moondance and Hornpipe versions are headed ‘MSE Autumn 2014’ – please make sure these are the versions you have in your folders so we’re all on the same page – literally !

If you haven’t played our version of Moondance before, you’ll notice it has some challenging rhythms – so please listen to the MIDI against your parts or even better give it a play through over the weekend to give us a bit of a head start on Monday.

Parts for Moondance are … Jem Sop (subst for A1), Susie (A2), Jas (A3), David (T1), Matt and Michael (T2), Ben (Bari).  … but please print out ‘other’ parts for your instrument as always to give us some flexibility.

Other tunes for this coming Monday will be …  Shmooky and Mo, Comedy for Saxophones, Just another lazy Day, St. James Infirmary.

Lastly, you can consider the play list for this term as largely fixed (subject to some seasonal additions), so please make sure you have all of the current repertoire in your folders and ready to rehearse on any given Monday so that we can be flexible.

Thanks a mill, Jem


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