MSE Rehearsal – Monday 13th October

Hi all,

Some good work last night on Comedy for Saxes, Shmooky and Mo, Just another Lazy Day.  A little surprising that we seemed to go backwards a bit on Hornpipe, but I guess that’s the way things go some times.

Overall though, if we’re to put our best feet forward at our concert late Nov., we all need to work on eliminating those tricky phrases we tend to trip over and make sure we’re best-prepared for each rehearsal.  … and that means taking an interest, reading and acting on these emails, and doing a bit of prep. work before you come each Monday.

For the next rehearsal (13th Oct.), let’s do some work on specific areas of the tunes where we stumble a bit .. in addition to some more general playing.

The tunes that spring to mind are …..

Hornpipe Fun  – Everyone needs to be confident about who plays when, when we have multi-player phrases.

Shmooky and Mo’ – Confident and timely alto lead in the first section, and a smooth handover at the time change – bars 48/49

Just another Lazy Day – bars 25-33, we need to all be confident on our timing.

We’ll also take another run through a selection of — Moondance, Mock Joplin, Sleep, Relax !

… lastly, please keep an eye out for ‘Little Drummer Boy’, which I hope to get out onto the website early this week.

Cheers Jem


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