MSE – Admin / Busking etc.

Hi – Just some catch up stuff I thought I’d post while I have some time …

Firstly, re Busking, we’ve agreed to look at 4 slots and all of them in Douglas.   Three will be to raise general campaign funds, and a final one for a charity … ‘Bridge the Gap’, that Ben is involved in.

We have the dates for IOMWO’s sessions, so I’ve suggested slots that work around these.  Please let me know if you forsee any difficulties with these.  If I don’t hear back by Friday., I’ll send these dates off to the Douglas town centre lady to book our slots.  I’ll also ask Tracey, Jackie and Andrea if they want to join us in Douglas.

Busking Slots  N.B.  These are two hour slots as defined by the Douglas town centre licences, but generally we’ll only do an hour / 90 mins.

Likely Slots are …

Sat 29 Nov, 2pm-4pm

Sat 6 Dec, 2pm – 4pm

Sun 14th Dec, 2pm – 4pm

Sat 20th Dec, 2pm – 4pm

Subs : I believe we’re now all paid up, in that Susie paid on-line, as have Ben and I.  Jas and Michael paid me last night, and I’ve sent in an online payment to match.   I believe David and Matt have also paid in (let me know if not), so we can square up and move on from finances.  I’ve got the task to finalise our bank arrangements, and I’ll also get a current balance so we can do some planning for next year – as I’d like to see if we can afford to get Alistair to come over again.

Concerts :  Jas will contact the venue holders for Glen Maye and Peel this week to set up detailed planning sessions which he and I will attend.  These are essential in that they are our point to check that the organisers are serious about supporting the concert dates.  We have 2 further concert opportunities in Ramsey and Port Erin, but I’m not pushing these too hard at the moment as I want to get a chance to talk to all the team first about our plans for next year.

Christmas Night Out : As with last year, we’ll plan our annual social do fashionably late for Christmas, to be held in January.  Ben is at the helm, so expect the unexpected !

Kind regards to all, Jem


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