Rehearsal Monday 20th Nov — Concert at Glen Maye, Dec 13th.

Hi all,

Thanks to the good folks at the Glen Maye Methodist Church, (and much aided by Jas who came out on a Sunday to negotiate and see the venue), we’ve now reset the date of the Glen Maye concert to Saturday 13th December, starting at 7:30pm.

This means we have a few extra weeks to rehearse, and we’ll avoid the triple problem of Ben, David and I all being off island on the original Concert date !

Also, we can use the concert in Peel (Sat 6th Dec – the previous week) as a trial run 🙂

The Glen Maye concert will be a well-attended do, and we’ll be asked to participate in some of the non-musical preparations.  More details later, but you can expect a nice set of break-time nibbles, some non-alchy mulled wine, and a raffle.

I’m looking forward to it, now that we have a bit of time to consolidate our music.

For this week’s session, we’ll carry on with our current repertoire, and I’ll certainly visit ‘Lazy Day’, ‘Shmooky and Mo’ and ‘Cool Saints’, as well as having a second run through the new Carol of the Drums.

See you tomorrow. Cheers Jem



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