MSE Catch up Mega-Post !

Hi all,

Sorry if this gets long-winded, but there’s lots going on at the moment …..

Rehearsal Mon 27th.  It looks like I dodged the bullet, and won’t have to travel to Paris until Tuesday, so we’re on for Monday evening.

I’ve re-worked the difficult section on ‘Just another Lazy Day‘, and “version 2 – Autumn 2014” is now on the Repertoire page.  I’ve changed all parts, so you’ll need to print off new sheet music.  It is much easier, as the emphasis is now always on the beat.

To show what can be achieved with some pre-prep, please could everyone take the time to practice bars 25-30, and make sure they turn up on Monday able to play the notes and rhythms confidently.  We should be able to solidify this in just a few minutes if you do the background practice before Monday.

Other Tunes for Monday’s rehearsal will include – Standing Room Only, Sleep, Relax!, Mock Joplin.

A new approach –  Link to document >>  MSE – Moving into 2015.

I’ve put together a document version with some explanations as to my thought process (link above).  Please do take time to read this through thoroughly and let me have your comments, as this will be the basis of next year’s work and I’m happy to fine tune aspects of it.  The MSE is your music group, so don’t be afraid to have your say.

New Concerts

Following our discussion about concerts on Monday, we now have three extra opportunities – all in one day.  Details are available on the Concerts and Events page in the website members area.     Christmas busking dates are there too.

The Peel Pensioners group don’t have a date for us yet, but we’re on for the end of the Spring Term.  Ramsey Methodist want us on March 14th, and St. Catherine’s Port Erin want us to open their summer season on July 2nd !

Cheers Jem


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