Preparation for Christmas Concerts

Hi all,

As a heads up, we have just rehearsal 5 weeks left until our first Christmas concert.  Take into account that Ben won’t be around on the 17th November, and that I’m bound to be in France either the same week or the next, and we only have 3 full rehearsals left !

Last night’s turnout of 4 players meant that whilst we did some excellent detailed work, we’re going to have to revisit much of the material as an ensemble, so adding to the time pressure.

This situation is quite worrying, as we’re still at the stage where we can’t play through some of our tunes without stopping and starting.  I see us as being 6-8 weeks away from a fully confident performance.

How can we make up some of the difference ?  If you’re not fully confident of your notes and timings, each of us needs to put in some serious off-line practice this week and next, so that our rehearsals can be targeted towards putting the finishing touches together, not on just getting the notes right.  It’s up to you now to pull this together.

I’ve made some subtle changes to the playlist – mainly dropping Persiflage for the moment – and have put in place a basic Christmas selection (see below).

Please make sure that your folders are updated wit the sheet music in playlist order, so we can move quickly from one tune to another in rehearsals.

Many Thanks, Jem


Christmas Playlist



St James Infirmary

Just another lazy day

Comedy for saxophones


Shmooky and Mo

Standing room only

Mock Joplin

Cool Saints


Carol of The Drum

Suo Gan

In the Bleak Midwinter

Carol of the Bells

Polish Lullaby Carol







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