MSE Glen Maye Concert – Saturday Dec. 13th.

Hi all,

Just to pick up on some logistics etc. for our concert this Saturday.

First the location – it’s at the Methodist hall which is just up the hill from the Waterfall pub car-park in Glen Maye.  You can park your car at the Waterfall.

Please can you be at the venue a little before 7pm, so that we can have a quick tune up / sound check at 7pm before the audience arrives.

Dress Code is White shirts, black lowers for the gents, and Susie may stun us with something contrasting but in keeping with our banners !

Please bring your stands along with you – I’ll bring the banners.

Pauline and I will do some home savouries for the night.  Can each of you please bring along something small for the raffle – max. £5, and most likely something you have laying around 🙂 – no alcohol though.

For the music, we all know our way through the tunes, so we can relax and concentrate on playing together as an ensemble.  I’ve put together some performance notes here

Please read them and come back to me if you’ve any questions.

Cheers Jem – See you on Saturday, it’ll be fun !




One Comment on “MSE Glen Maye Concert – Saturday Dec. 13th.”

  1. Jasneet Singh says:

    Thanks Jem,I’ll send a note to Paul too to let him know of our plans & th

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