Rehearsal tonight for Saturday’s Concert

Hi all,

Just a quick note re tonight’s rehearsal.  Matt will be away for the concert, so isn’t coming to the rehearsal tonight.

In case Michael is also unable to make the concert, we have to prepare ourselves to play as a quintet – the smallest band line-up we’ve ever had !  Still, we played as a sextet on Saturday and went down really well, so it won’t be much different.

I’ve reviewed our current repertoire – The good news is that most of our tunes are set up for 4 or 5 players and therefore don’t have to be changed and we can play them as-is.   I’ve dropped “St. James Infirmary” and “Sleep” though as they both need a fuller line-up.

I’ve hastily re-written Moondance as a quintet (one tenor).  This actually doesn’t change things too much – just a bit of a busier time for David, and adding a few harmony notes to Jas’s stack !  I’ll provide the sheet music for this version tonight.

I’ve compensated on the playlist by adding in some carols (which were requested anyway), and a couple of our Christmas numbers – Jingle Bell Jump and Winter Wonderland.  Jingle Bell Jump runs as-is, and Winter Wonderland runs ok with just Tenor 1.

So, the playlist for Saturday will be as below ….

Note – We’ll concentrate our rehearsal tonight on the red tunes.  The blue “Some Carols” means we can choose some numbers from our Easy Carols selection, which we’ll run as a sing-along session.

We’ve got plenty of material to run with so I’m confident that we’ll make a good job of our final concert outing this year.

See you tonight, Jem

Mock Joplin
Just another lazy day
Comedy for saxophones
Moondance (AAATB)
Shmooky and Mo
Suo Gan
Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer
Carol of The Drum
In the Bleak Midwinter
“Some Carols”
Carol of the Bells
Polish Lullaby Carol
Jingle Bell Jump
Winter Wonderland




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