Peel Christian Centre – Christmas Concert

Hi all,

Here’s hopefully our last ‘logistics’ email before our much-deserved Christmas break !

There’s quite a lot to take in, so please read it all carefully.

Firstly, the running order is detailed in our concert leaflet which can be found HERE.

Next up, I’ve highlighted where we should start the intro for each of our ‘Easy Christmas Carols’.   Rather than send out 4 sets (1 per instrument), I’ve marked up the score where each intro starts (with a red arrow and some explanatory text).  Can you please mark up your sheet music accordingly.  Any questions, just let me know.  The carol-intro start points are HERE – and the words for the carols are HERE.

@Jas – Can you please get the word-sheets to Ray and ask him to print them out for the concert.  We’ll print out some concert leaflets (our Bio) with the running order etc., and will bring them along.

Dress Code is as per Glen Maye – Black ‘n whites for the gents with optional waistcoats.  Susie may choose to give her blue seasonal number another outing, or of course may choose something entirely different (hint: don’t bother to co-ordinate with the banners !).  We’ll all look forward to the surprise.

Our arrival time is before 7pm please, so we’ve got time to warm and tune our instruments at 7 on the dot, then put them away as the audience arrives.  @Jas – Can you please ask Ray to make sure that we can get in for 6:45pm.  Ta.

Looking forward to a last blast, then possibly a final busking session in Douglas on the Sunday morning.  Note : if you want to busk on Sunday, it’ll be with the IOMWO crew who will meet at 11am outside the Sure shop by the strand centre.

Cheers all – see you Saturday



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