MSE – Philip Christian Ctr. Concert / End of year wrap-up

Hi all,

I’ll admit that I had my doubts about whether last night’s concert would be well attended.  I had no need to worry though as  in the event we had a good turnout and a great atmosphere.  This was one of the best concerts I can remember on the basis of the “feel-good” factor.   Pretty much everyone came up to me at the end of the show to thank us and compliment the band on a great performance.  They clearly had a whale of a time, and immediately invited us to come back next year.   Pauline commented that the sing-along stuff really helped the audience feel involved in the show, so a good pointer to keep in our kit-bag.

At the end of our Christmas season, we’ve put on some really nice musical entertainment both in concerts and outdoors in Douglas … and we’ve added £400+ to our coffers which will go a long way to paying for Alistair to come over to us in 2015 for a tutorial weekend.

So … please relax and enjoy your Christmas break.  We’ll return to rehearsals on Monday evening 5th Jan**, hopefully with Ray Harmer joining us to check us out.  Jas has even promised to set out from Douglas 20 minutes earlier than usual so that he arrives with the rest of us at 6:45 !  …. well actually, he didn’t promise, but I thought I’d set an expectation up front 🙂

Ben will be in touch soon to arrange a meal out in January – Andrea’s already asked to come along and no doubt we can add Jackie, Tracey etc. to the list and have a fun do.  More news soon.

Oh – and please put your thinking caps on.  Susie correctly pointed out that our team photo is way out of date, so we should refresh it in the next term.  Let’s choose a couple of venues – one indoors and one outside, and get a photo taken for the website and flyers etc.

Thanks to all for a fun 2014, have a great Christmas and lets do more of the same in 2015 !

Cheers, Jem



** – Somehow, last night we thought that the first Monday back was the 3rd Jan and this would have been too close to new year’s day – apologies for any confusion caused.


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