MSE – Rehearsal Mon 12/1/14

Hi all,

First up, sorry message is out on the wires later than usual – the first week back after Christmas has been a bit full-on, and rather unexpectedly.

Just a quick note tonight to let you know that I’ve put “Ja-Da” and “Steal Away” onto the Repertoire page of the website.

Ja-Da is the same version that we played in our first session, and we’ll continue with it on the 12th.

Please note : The version of Steal Away on the website is NEW.  I’ve amended some of the Alto parts to make it easier for them to be played sensitively when others lead – and I’ve re-written the note groupings for everyone to make the piece easier to read overall.  Please download / print the parts for your instrument – ta.

I’ll send out a team note tomorrow to guide our start-of-term chat, to help us pre-think the topics and hopefully save a bit of time.

In the meanwhile, for Monday we’ll run through Steal Away, Ja-Da and do some more work on “Come and Go with Me” – putting the chorus together.

Also, can you please have your sheet music printed and ready for Cool Saints, Standing Room Only and Jamaica Farewell.

Ta, see you Monday – Jem


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