Rehearsal Mon 26th Jan – Playlist on-going

Hi Everyone,

A number of items in this week’s post ….

1 – New Tunes : I’ve posted three tunes to the website – “Lone Arranger”, “Three Manx Dances” and “Song of the Three Steamers”.  On the usual Repertoire page.

Please make sure you have parts for you instrument as always – and note the “Three Manx Dances” is a new arrangement so you need to print parts even if you had the old version.

2 – Spring Term Playlist : I’ve put together a draft playlist to take us through our next few concerts – It’s attached HERE.

Can you please make sure that you bring your instrument parts for all tunes on the list, preferably sorted in alphabetic order so we don’t waste time searching for paperwork in the rehearsal sessions !

3 – Team Meal : Ben sent out an invite for the 30th Jan, and has so far heard back only from Matt.  It’ll be a bit lonely for him if he’s the only taker, so if you want to come, please make sure you let Ben know on Monday evening – ta.

4 – Absences : I know that a few of you mentioned that you won’t be around at various points this term – but I didn’t capture the details.  Can you please email me with your known absences as I can build a list, and structure our rehearsals to suit.

See you on Monday – Jem


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