Preparations for Ramsey Concert – March 14th

Hi all,

I’ve given myself a day or two to mull over options for the upcoming concert, given the fact that we only have max. 3 rehearsals and a patchy team profile **

In retrospect, it was a mistake (mine) to push to include Cool Saints so near to the concert date.  I believe that the tune is well within the group’s capabilities, but it needs us all to take it home and become truly confident with the cascading passages.  Much as I might want this now, it’s clear that this isn’t going to happen before the 14th – particularly so if Jas is away as his A2 part is key to the cascades.

So … we’re back to running with material that we’re pretty familiar with, and that we can perform with the folks on hand on the 14th.  Please see the playlist below, which is what we’ll concentrate on, in the next few weeks.  Monday’s will be fairly intensive, as we bed down as many of these tunes as possible, as there’s a possibility that I may have to travel to Belgium the following week.

Note – I’ll have a full version of Come and Go ready to play for Monday.

As a final note, this leaves us a little short on playable tunes for the 14th – I’d hoped for about 40 minutes including chat (30 minutes+ of music).

I can play a solo piece with my Yamaha midi-sax as a variety item, but if anyone has any other ideas, now would be a good time to put them forward.

Cheers Jem


Ramsey Playlist – Mar 14th Times
Come and Go 3.00
Comedy for saxophones 2.00
Jamaica Farewell 2.00
Just another lazy day 2.25
Mock Joplin 3.75
Relax! 3.00
Shmooky and Mo 2.00
Song of the Three Steamers 3.00
Standing Room Only 3.00


** – David won’t be at the concert on the 14th, and Jas won’t be at the next couple of rehearsals.


Alistair at Christmas !

Hi all,

I’ve had some discussions with Alistair about a workshop weekend in the Autumn term.  For various reasons, October is out, but ….

We talked about our autumn terms being focused primarily on gun seasonal tunes (rather than trying to do a 50/50 with our normal repertoire, which leaves us rather stretched).

With this in mind, we could run a weekend in early November (e.g. 7th/8th) – which would have a prep-for-Christmas theme (early supply of minced pies), plus other tunes that we think would work at a big December concert.

Thoughts on a postcard as always …..

Cheers Jem

Rehearsals / Catch-up

Hi all,

A good rehearsal on Monday evening, and in particular one or two pieces went very well indeed.

It seems that Ray’s integrated with the group very quickly, and we’re getting a good sound balance in general.

Please keep an eye out for a new version of ‘Cool Saints‘ – there aren’t many changes, but I’ve altered the start a bit to give us a more confident opening. and I’ve arranged my part for Alto rather than Sop.  I’ll play it through, then put it on the website during the week.

From now on through to the Peel Pensioners concert in late March, we need to focus on ironing out the sections of tunes which were giving us issues, so please take the time to practice on your own, any phrases or short sections you feel could be improved.  So as not to overload us, I’ll try to focus on no more than one or two of the tricky tunes each week, with some fun / easier stuff to balance each session.  We’ve got one more new tune to come, but it’s not a difficult one !

This coming week, we’ll look at Cool Saints so please make sure you’re confident with the cascade sections, and we’ll also see if we can make further headway on ‘Ja-Da’.   We’ll run through “Comedy for Saxophones” and “Jamaica Farewell”, and I hope to have a final (or near !) version of “Come Go with Me” for us all to work on.

Lastly – just in case you haven’t got my numbers to hand, I’ve listed them below.   @Susie – As it turns out, my mobile number was useless on Monday as my phone died at the weekend.  I’m having it fixed so it should only be a short-term problem 🙂  My home phone is 842874 and my mobile is 07867 830835.

Cheers Jem